Van's Instant Gun Blue

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Van's Instant Gun Blue - The world's finest touch-up bluing.

This site is devoted to answering all your questions about using Van's Instant Gun Blue. The detailed instructions will discuss each step necessary to do perfect work. The overall use of Van's is simple in the extreme, but the more you know, the better it works!



Van's bluing is used the opposite of any commercially available cold-blue! Instead of painting on a layer of stained copper, Van's Bluing soaks into the metal and reacts like "Hot-Blue". The metal is blued rather than coated. This major shift in function is what sets Van's apart from all other products. BUT that also means that if you attempt to use "their" methods, you won't get this bluing to work!


The secret to Van's Bluing is to SOAK the metal rather than paint coats on it.  We will detail the steps to do perfect repairs, as well as how to restore any finish to keep it's age and character intact - but make it look better cared for (instead of "repaired")!


Finally you will be able to do the kind of top-quality work that you always wanted to do, both in maintaining, and in improving the condition of the metal of your firearms!


So let's begin ...   Click to start.